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Agata Wilska

Psychologist, trainer and mediator with the license of legal mediator. Learn more...


Marcin Kochanowski

Psychologist, academic lecturer, trainer. Learn more...


Krzysztof Wilski

Psychologist, socio-therapist, trainer. Learn more...


Aleksandra Kauc

Pedagogist, trainer - consultant, sports commentator. Learn more...


HOLIS Team consists of  practitioners with many years of professional experience in the scope of supporting the development.


Core of our Team is built of experienced managers with many years of practice in managing human resources.


We derive from business environment (retailing forces, personal counseling, consulting) and from such institutions as health service, uniform service and education.


Thanks to connections mentioned above we are able to accumulate interdisciplinary experience and to offer our Clients a broad palette of solutions based on competence and knowledge of the practitioners.


HOLIS Team has psychologists – practitioners, managers and coaches on board.