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Agata Wilska

Psychologist, trainer and mediator with the license of legal mediator. Learn more...


Marcin Kochanowski

Psychologist, academic lecturer, trainer. Learn more...


Krzysztof Wilski

Psychologist, socio-therapist, trainer. Learn more...


Aleksandra Kauc

Pedagogist, trainer - consultant, sports commentator. Learn more...

Aleksandra Kauc

ola10She graduated from University of Lodz at the Faculty of Educational Sciences  with the specialization on Physical and Health Education.


Between  1996-2006 she was a national representative in many professional dance contests and championships. She took part in Olympic games in Torino, Academic Olympic games, many World Junior Championships, World Championships, Europe Championships and Grand Prix contests.  She took part in popular TV show ‘Dancing on Ice’. In the third edition of the show she trained celebrities and ice-skaters.


As a trainer-consultant she cooperates with sportsmen and individuals. She conducts general development activities, stretching, and gymnastics for ladies, Pilates, ballet and relaxing workshops.