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Agata Wilska

Psychologist, trainer and mediator with the license of legal mediator. Learn more...


Marcin Kochanowski

Psychologist, academic lecturer, trainer. Learn more...


Krzysztof Wilski

Psychologist, socio-therapist, trainer. Learn more...


Aleksandra Kauc

Pedagogist, trainer - consultant, sports commentator. Learn more...

Marcin Kochanowski

Marcin KochanowskiMarcin Kochanowski is a psychologist, academic lecturer, practitioner and trainer. He graduated from the University of Lodz at the Institute of Psychology with the specialization on Psychology of Occupational Counseling and Organization.  He has many years of experience in academic lecturing. He is a former assistant at WSHE in Włocławek. At present he cooperates with SWPS, WSHE  in Sieradz and  AWF in Warsaw.


Psychologist of Polish Olympic Committee – cooperation with sportsmen of Polish Handball Association , male and female junior crews.  Psychological cooperation with Male National Handball Team during World Championships, Europe Championships, and then with Vice champions in World Championships led by Bogdan Wenta.


He conducts trainings in: teambuilding and managing of team, communication in the team, coping with stress, and self-management in time.